Programs for Adults

Books Sandwiched In

Bring your sack lunch and join us in the Community Room for a different kind of book club. Everyone gets a chance to tell about the book they’ve read in the last month. Read what you like but get acquainted with books you might not have heard about otherwise. It’s a chance to discover an author or a genre we might not have been interested in.

Fine Amnesty

National Library week is mid – April. We usually have fine amnesty week during this time. If you have any overdue library books you can return them that week and the library will waive the fines!

Book Bonanza

The next Book Bonanza will be held during National Library Week. Watch for more information in coming months. For a $2 donation you can get a sack of surplus books to take home.

Food for Fines

Libraries are places for new beginnings. Whether you are getting your first library card, learning new computer skills or planning a trip, the library is the place where your story begins.

We celebrate Christmas each year by forgiving your library fines in exchange for food for local assistance agencies. We have a moratorium on fines for overdue library books.