Like everything else in our new normal, going to the Chandler Public Library will look very, different. We listened to what other libraries across the state are doing, discussed the issues with the Library Board and heard recommendations from the Lincoln County Health Department. The City of Chandler including the Library Board and staff have put together new procedures, temporary we hope, to keep the staff and public safe so we can reopen the Library.
Curbside pickup will continue. You can get on our website or you can download the Librista app on your phone or tablet. You find our library and see what is in our collection. Once you are looking at our collection, find a book you want, call us, we will pull the book off the shelf and arrange a time for you to come pick it up.
At this time, no children under 12 will be allowed in the Library. Children 12-18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. We will not have a Summer Reading Program this year, but we are in the process of putting together activity packets for curbside pickup.
We would ask that when you come to the Library you please wear a mask. The staff will have a mask on while patrons are in the Library and would ask for the same from our patrons.
Next, no one will be allowed to come in and sit at the tables at this time. If you need to log on to the Library’s wifi you will need to remain outside on the bench or in your car. You can call the Library and we will give you the wifi password.
We will be open regular hours, 9-6 Monday-Friday and 9-noon on Saturday, but all the doors will remain locked so that we can make sure that no more than 10 people are in the Library at any one time, that includes staff. The Library will be open for patrons to conduct the business of checking out books, making photocopies, and faxing.
When you get to the Library call us at 405-258-3204 and let us know you are here or just knock on the door and we will open it and let you in if there’s not too many people in the building.
For those needing to use the public computers you will have to call and make an appointment. Because our computers are so close together, we will only have 2 computers on each day. The appointments will be spaced so that the staff will have time to disinfect the computer stations after each use. In the past if you were in the middle of something the staff would give you extra time to finish. That will not be possible now. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
There will be new procedures for checking books in and out. Those will be explained to patrons when they come in.
We are hoping these changes will be temporary and like everyone else we are playing this by ear. These could change as state recommendations relax and as people all work together to keep ourselves and each other safe. Until then we will do everything we can to make this as easy as possible on our patrons. Our goal is give people access to books, computers and services in a safe way.
Since we were not able to have a Book Bonanza and we are not sure when we will have another Book Bonanza, we will have a cart/table outside to give away books. We will put it outside weather permitting everyday during operating hours. At the end of the day any materials left on the cart/table will be thrown away and the cart disinfected.
We are not accepting donations of materials at this time. Our storeroom is full and until we find new homes for what we have we can’t accept anything.